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Aged 10 Years - 2011
Winter Dance - 2010
- 2010
Turning Pages - 2008

The Western Shore - 2008
Raise the Rafters - 2006
Yule Dance - 2006
Living Tradition - 2004
Four - 2004
Live at the Espresso
- 2003
Leanan - 2003
Winter's Welcome - 2002
Revenge is Sweet - 2001
Isle of Light - 2001
The Siege of Delhi - 2001 Java Jacket -1998

Guest Musician:
The Way to the Water -

Andrew Jackson - 2008
Beneath a Jeweled Sky -
Emma's Waltz - 2007
Familiar Roads - 2007
Sweet Reunion - 2006
O'er The Moor, Among the
- 2005
Songs of the Irish
- 2004
For My Love - 2004
At Water's Edge - 2004
Spain in My Heart - 2003
Mystic - 2002
California Celt - 2000
Iluminada: A Festival of
- 1999
A Celebration of Women’s
- 1996

The Fire - 2015    Buy on CDbaby    animated gif
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Showcasing a captivating diversity of instruments and regional styles, this album adds contemporary innovative spirit to the ancient roots of Scotland's fiddle and bagpipe traditions.   From a traditional Gaelic airs to a set of contemporary reels
Inspired - 2010       Buy on CDbaby  
Hear clips of all tracks on CD baby
From a traditional Gaelic airs to a set of contemporary reels, this
   exciting collection bridges the gap between the peoples music of
   Scotland and modern compositions by both David and Rebecca. 


Turning Pages - 2008        Buy on CDbaby  
                                           Hear clips of all tracks on CD baby

     A bagpipe album featuring tunes resurrected from 18th century
     Scottish manuscripts, and newly composed pieces with intricately
     interwoven pipes and fiddle.  

Audio Clip:  Take My Heart    

DAVID BREWER: Living Tradition

Living Tradition - 2004           Buy on CDbaby  

Self-penned tunes in the Celtic style, played on whistle,
     fiddle, Highland Bagpipes, Border Pipes, small pipes,
     and uilleann pipes with accompaniment on guitar,
     bouzouki, piano, harp, oboe, and cello.
Audio Clips:  11th Street   
                              The Lies of Lancashire

Latest Band Release
                      Studio Recordings                  

Winter's Welcome - 2002

Andrew Jackson -   
 The Atrocious Saint
- CD

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the Presidency DVD ~ Narrated by Martin Sheen


Winter Dance - 2010


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